New Pattern: Homewood

Introducing Homewood, a lightweight lace scarf, perfect for warm spring or summer days or evenings. This is the perfect scarf to add just a tiny bit of warmth in a cool breeze or chilly office, while still maintaining that warm weather look.

(look, ducks!)

This scarf comes in two versions–a circular version for effortless style, or a more traditional and slightly wider/longer straight version. The circular version uses about one skein of most fingering weight yarns, while the straight version uses two skeins.

Wrapped twice!

I knit the blue version of this scarf for my grandmother Helen, who just turned 90 this year. Helen has always been a feisty woman, full of attitude, and remains so to this day. She always looks feminine and elegant though, and I knew this style of scarf would fit beautifully into her summer wardrobe.

Showing a bit of that attitude!

The name for this pattern comes from the town where my grandparents lived for most of my teenage/adult life. I have many fond memories of visiting with my extended family for holiday dinners or random gatherings there, and associate it strongly with my grandmother.

For more details, or to purchase this pattern, please visit its page on Ravelry, or click the button below.

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